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Knowledge, Experience & Enthusiasm Working Hard for You during one of the Most Important, Largest Investments you will make in your Lifetime!  Knowledge isn't expensive, it's Priceless.

SEE OUR CREDENTIALS:  Did you know nothing is required of inspectors in Georgia?  Always ask for proof of Credentials...Our parent company, Georgia Home Pros was established in 2001 (originally as Buyers Choice Home and have performed almost 8000 real estate inspections. GHP officially has some of the Best Credentials in the World. Ranked InterNachi Board Certified Master Inspector (only a half percent are in GA), and Ranked InterNachi TOP 6% Worldwide based on exam scores, 28 Years of Building & Renovation Experience on Residential & Commercial properties. Also, officially voted by Atlanta Consumers,...2 yrs in a row, recipient of Atlanta Consumer Choice Award for Business Excellence.  We are also licensed & insured as well.

WE PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT & KEEP YOU SAFE:  Our inspectors not only protect your investment & saves you on average thousands, but, also keeps your customers, clients, employees & family safe from the dangers that lurk in the property.  Unsafe wiring/electrical, fire hazards, safety hazards, unsecured areas, leaks, and we even offer Environmental Testing as an add-on.  We offer: Radon Gas Testing, Mold Swab Test, Air Quality for Mold/Allergens hiding in the walls, floors & ceilings, FHA VA Well Water purity Testing for contaminants & poisons like fecal/ecoli, nitrates, nitrites, lead, radon & more! 


Bonus Includes: Termite, Mold, Energy, Drainage, Thermal Imaging/Infrared overview inspections valued at about $500.  Probably less than 10% of inspectors even offer these inspections and if they do they normally charge you extra.  

INSPECTION REPORTS:  Our property inspection reporting system is filled with details like: Inspection Notes, Summary, Recommendations & pics of problems that can't be explained easily in black and white.  This is an AMAZING LEARNING EXPERIENCE ...about your property!  The inspector will walk you through the building & explain in laymen's terms: problems he's found, answer all your questions to help you understand how severe they are, how to fix the problems properly and summarize all the findings at the end of inspection. If time permits, you may also consult w/him briefly about your upcoming remodeling or renovation projects to get some helpful professional tips. REPORTS:Your report is completed back at the office & will be in your email in pdf/link within 1-2 business days.  Normally we can get it to you by next day or even that night if it's not a large report. Reports average in size from normally around 30-40 pages but can range from about 20-70 pages depending on how many problems are found.  The inspection time itself really depends on the size of the property, condition, how many/who's at the inspection...  Between 1 & 5 hrs normally. 

IN CLOSING,..we treat client's they way we want to be treated.  With respect, thorough, detail oriented & professional yet personable inspectors,  from the scheduling through the inspection & reporting.  Please call us if you are looking for literally one of the Best of the Best home inspection companies in the world that will take care of you literally like you are family.  Most say they feel they have known us all their lives & develop a lifetime friendship with us! :) 

We perform our commercial inspections in accordance with InterNachi Standards of Practice.  Please review the link below for the standards:

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